A night at Strandsjön

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I took these images in July 2007 at Strandsjön in Gautosjö, Lapland when I was fishing. At night, when the cold winds come down from the surrounding mountains, the temperature can reach almost below the freezing point even in July-August and a thick fog rises from the lake and the surrounding marshes. When this fog comes, fishing is usually not very successful but instead, the landscape becomes almost magically beautiful.

[Bild: Dimma över Strandsjön]

The opening pictures are from Strandsjön, but the latter pictures were taken in the Gauto stream. When the sun rose above the mountains at 4 a.m. the stream was literally flooded with light. All images were taken with my Nokia N73 cell phone.

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All images are copyrighted by me, Fredrik Bendz, but anyone is free to use them as they see fit for non-commercial purposes as long as they state me as the originator.

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