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How to change the setup in Outlook Express (Swedish)

Read about when I was accused of being "Alex-P", a person sabotaging nazi websites, and how I got unpleasant telephone calls in the middle of the night (Swedish)

A short description of my sites

BendzNet (this site) -- A network for Bendzes. If your last name is Bendz, you can apply for mail and web alias.

The Web of Benzocaine -- Medical information (under construction). So far, about the only thing you will find here is my investigation of homeopathy.

The Page of Reason -- My first homepage. Originally a "Kilroy-site" (you know, akin to writing "kilroy was here", on the web), but now a page explaining my views on religion and politics.

Books of Reason -- A project I once started, but never had the energy to finish. I was going to write comments on books I've been reading.

Matchmaker for Infidels -- Find your perfect match :-)

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