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Examples of web forwarding

What we offer are two alternatives of web forwarding, the default method and using frames. Note that the frame alternative requires that the visitor has a browser that can handle frames. If that is not the case, he or she will be redirected the ordinary way, so web forwarding will work anyway, but the feature will not be utilized to the full.


The default method simply redirects the visitor from http://www.bendz.net/your-username to http://www.your-host.com/your-username-at-host. Press here for an example that will redirect you from http://www.bendz.net/example to http://www.bendz.net/fredrik.


By using frames you can mask the real URL, so the visitor sees http://www.bendz.net/your-username in the location field of the web browser instead of your real address http://www.your-host.com/your-username-at-host. This has the advantage that it will be easier for the visitor to remember your forward address, and it will mask an address that can sometimes be quite complex (e.g. at GeoCities).

The disadvantage is that if a page has specified TARGET=_top it will break out of the frameset, thereby exposing the real URL. On the other hand, that is exactly what will happen if you use the default method, so nothing is really lost compared to using that method.

This example takes you to Alta Vista but it will look like the address is http://www.bendz.net/example2.

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